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Space It E-Z is a simple-to-use tool designed specifically for electricians to run and space conduit. Finally, there is a tool that was designed with simplicity and professionalism in mind. Invented by Lixon Vilsaint, this tool was designed for both the amateur and professional electrician alike. As the name suggests, the Space It E-Z is an effortless and straightforward tool designed to space and keep conduit straight, orderly, and professional as it is installed. Stop searching for make-shift pieces of wood or metal as spacers! From the moment you begin working with the Space It E-Z, you will realize this was a missing tool from your professional arsenal.

Space it E-Zcontains three separate components. Two components have an angular shape with graduated steps that allow the user to space conduit from 1/8 to 2 7/8 inches. The other component consist of a ruler with two legs that has the ability to slide from zero to 10 inches. Additional legs can be added as needed.

Coming soon is a larger sized model for industrial applications in which more space between conduit might be needed.

Now, thanks to space it E-Z, countless electricians are discovering the wonderful benefits it brings to the art of running conduit

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  Lixon Vilsaint